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Topics for argumentative essays

  1. The production, sale, and advertising of cigarettes should be illegal
  2. Voting in an election should be mandatory for all citizens
  3. The population has become too dependent on technology
  4. Stricter gun control laws are needed to save lives
  5. Professional athletes who have been found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs should be banned from their sport
  6. Religious beliefs are a major influence for abolishing the death penalty
  7. The Electoral College needs to be replaced with a method that reflects the American voters more accurately
  8. Assisted suicide should be a legal option for terminally ill patients
  9. Genetic testing has substantial benefits and can improve lives
  10. The death penalty should be administered for convicted pedophiles
  11. In some cases, censorship is justified
  12. Colleges and universities should offer incentives for students to graduate in three years rather than four.
  13. Every student should be required to take a year off between high school and college

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