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Argumentative essays that are worth arguing!

It would be difficult to find anyone, even an educated essay writer, who doesn't love a good argument every now and then, especially when they feel they are right about something! So understandably, when students are required to write an argumentative essay, they more than likely will jump at the opportunity to argue their point of view on a topic while making certain to back it up with logic, reasoning, and evidence, which, of course, are all the essential elements of a well-written argumentative essay. When writing your argumentative essay it will be beneficial to also consider your audience because it will make a difference in the tone you set for your argument. For instance, if your audience is solely your instructor or professor, you will want to consider what he or she is looking for in your paper...maybe a more formal tone, with in-depth research, and analysis; or if your audience is comprised of your peers? In this case, you will need to write an essay in a more informal tone connecting with them by expressing sympathy, shared concerns, and their feelings.

Choosing an argumentative essay topic

When choosing topics for your argumentative essay you will need to keep a few things in mind- the basis for an essay of this type will be the topic which stems from some controversial issue, so it is always beneficial to choose a topic you are personally passionate about. The presence of passion in your writing will no doubt make a powerful and effective paper because of the topic's importance to your paper, but as a writer you will also need to do extensive research so your argument is not only presented in a well-thought out and organized manner but is rational as well. This is where our expert writers can help. Let them provide you with the research you need to make your argument credible, using their access to a vast amount of resources. The best argumentative essay topics to choose for your paper will be arguable, contemporary, relevant, and have some value to you- the writer. Value in your paper will undoubtedly encourage you to research your topic a little deeper because you are personally invested in what you have chosen to write about. Take a look at the following list of ideas for argumentative essay topics, maybe they will give you some insight into the topic you are interested in writing about.
  • Should people be able to choose to have health care or not?
  • Are we too dependent on foreign oil?
  • Is the education policy 'No Child Left behind' working?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools?
  • The media affects young children's minds
  • Does the 'old boy network' still exist?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Mothers are better parents than fathers
  • Divorced parents should always share custody of their children
  • Social media is ruining relationships
  • Convicted prisoners have a better life in prison than out
  • Society and laws are too lenient on Child Sex offenders
  • Sexual education is the job of the school system
  • Should racial profiling be legal?
  • Are Americans sexual prudes?
  • Is euthanasia inhumane?
  • Does our society depend too much on technology?
  • Is Michael Jordan the best basketball player of all time?
  • Should people have to take a test to become parents?
  • Italians are healthier because they drink red wine
  • Did 'sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll' define the 1960's?
  • Are humans solely responsible for GlobalWarming?

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