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A Student Guide for Writing Good Essays

A Student Guide for Writing Good Essays

As a student, your primary objective is to master the essay format. You'll encounter essay assignments in practically every subject. Writing a good essay isn't as difficult as you think as long as you know what your teachers are looking for. Read further to discover more about what makes a good essay and how you can take your work to the next level.

How to Write a Good Essay

A good essay is made up of two parts. You have the essential elements like grammar, punctuation, and structure. The other parts are the topic you choose and the evidence you use to buttress your argument. This makes the meat of your essay and all are the building blocks to getting the best grades.

You can't have one without the other. If you have the research without the grammar it's unreadable. If you have the grammar without the research it's boring. Combine the two and that's how you can write a good essay.

The Subject Matter

All essays start with a topic. If you've already got your topic, feel free to skip this part. If your teacher has left this up to you, keep reading.

Pick a topic that is different from everyone else's. For most topics, there are some very obvious ones to stay clear of. An example of this is writing a paper about Martin Luther King Jr. if you have to write a paper about the American civil rights movement. Instead of doing this, you could do a topic on a more local level about how the civil rights movement affected policies in your home state or town. This is engaging and more likely to make someone pay attention.

Research and Evidence

Your research and evidence should come from a range of sources. Start from the library to gather evidence. This sort of evidence will always form the backbone of any essay. Next, you should search for old documentaries and news reels. Go online and view some audio visual content, and take quotes from speeches from various figures from the civil rights movement.

It demonstrates your research's thoroughness and how much time and effort you spent putting your essay together.

Putting It Together

The essay structure is simple and should never be broken. You need an introduction, strong opening points, weaker points in between the stronger ones, and a final conclusion. Your paragraphs should explicitly state their points, back it up, and link it back to the question or to another point. It's really this simple.

Grammar and spelling are things you'll get better at with experience. For now, edit it on a regular basis and give yourself enough time after your final draft to comb through each sentence to notice any errors. Poor grammar can cost you a lot of points and can detract from the points you're trying to make. If you're having problems with editing, ask someone, like a parent or a friend, to help you to edit your work.

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