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How to Pick Great Argumentative Research Paper Topics

The argumentative research paper is an assignment that tests your ability to put forward a strong point and directly challenge opposing views with carefully chosen evidence. Much of its effectiveness comes from the topic you choose. Good argumentative research paper topics get the reader emotionally involved, whereas poor ones disconnect them from what's being said.

Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

The key to a good topic is to choose one that is controversial. Controversial topics will always interest your reader. Firstly, there's a good chance they have an opinion about the subject and they're genuinely interested in what you have to say about it.

Your professors and teachers want you to tackle a topic effectively, convincingly, and successfully. Aside from all of this, you have to include quality content in your text.

The Other Side

Argumentative research paper topics too often concentrate on one side of an argument. This is an argumentative piece that must also discuss the opposing side's views. A good topic allows you to use the opposing views to effectively frame your argument.

Your evidence can be an explanation of why you believe that they're wrong and which concrete objective evidence points in your favor. Just be very careful about which studies and points you decide to use, as some could have been later disproven.

Is the Evidence Available?

Watch any news show and there's always some debate raging. The problem with many of these debates is that the only evidence comes from one or two published studies or anecdotal evidence. You can't get away with such flimsy evidence in a graded assignment like this.

Before choosing a topic, go to the library or search online for credible evidence to support your view. If you can find lots of reliable evidence, you can use this topic. However, if the evidence comes from questionable sources or it isn't readily available you might want to choose something else.

Choose a Relatively New Issue

Students will sometimes attempt to use historical debates to showcase their skills but they're unknowingly restricting themselves by doing this. Anyone can pick up a debate we already have an answer to. What a professor or a teacher wants to see is someone who can grab an open topic and enter the debate with confidence.

They don't necessarily expect you to come up with an entirely new perspective. What they want is for you to successfully argue about potentially tricky subject matter. To do this, the best thing you can do is to opt for a topic that isn't so straightforward. Teachers and professors have read about these subjects a thousand times before and you won't impress them by regurgitating the same arguments. Attempt to come up with a fresh new spin on an arguable topic.

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