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Picking Unconventional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Finding compare and contrast essay topics is harder than it seems. The more popular and interesting subjects will have already been covered a number of times. This is especially true if you are in a class of people who are also working on the same subject matter that you are. Essays on compare and contrast essay topics are often predictable to the point that a professor or teacher can guess the essay topics before the essays are ever submitted.

This redundant topic issue leaves you with two problems: You can submit one of the more popular compare and contrast essay topics within your essay and compete with the rest of the class without adding much original information. Or you can go for a less conventional or popular topic and have greater difficulties finding sources.

Covering a Popular Topic is Not in Your Best Interest

If you cover a topic that is popular then there are going to be more resources out there for you. There are going to be many reports, essays, journal entries, and text books. You are going to be able to take ideas from lots of resources and complete your essay with ease. If you cover a topic that is less popular, however, you run the risk of creating a boring essay with shallow content because you can have trouble finding suitable research resources.

The Secret Flaw in Modern Essay Marking

Here’s a little secret that your professors won’t tell you: your essay doesn’t have to be on a current or extremely interesting topic. If you try to write an extremely interesting and entertaining essay from your point of view, the professor reading it may not agree with you. Entertaining and interesting essays are perfect outlets for teachers and professors to show favoritism towards students who agree with their points of view.

So what does this mean for you? It means that you may produce an essay that is lack-luster and un-stylistic. And, here’s the real kicker: if you remove any notions of style and making the essay entertaining, you are going to create robotic sounding essays, and those are the ones that score the best. The person grading your compare and contrast essay is doing it via a score sheet that they use as a guide. It contains parameters that each essay must have in order to score the highest. A robotic and unemotional essay may appear to be uncreative but it can help you to score higher.

This is why planning your essay is so important. If you create a plan beforehand, you can organize and plan your essay into bullet points. Make sure that each point is somewhere in your essay and remove any fluff or stylistic wording. Once you have done this, you will be a lot closer to writing a high-scoring compare and contrast essay.

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