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The iPad and its uses in education

The iPad is a highly popular piece of technology, thanks to its power, good looks, usefulness and versatility. The iPad could potentially be used for practically anything, and this article goes over the uses that this tablet could have (and is already having) in education.
Technology has contributed significantly to education over recent years, though the iPad is taking teaching innovation to all new heights. This modern tablet has the potential to replace many traditional teaching methods, with one primary example being text books. iBooks 2 could make traditional text books in education a thing of the past, but the main issue is the expense. Textbooks are expensive, but iPads are even more so, and a case study for a typical school shows that an iPad investment for the student body would be 40% more expensive than using books. Currently a 1 to 1 provision of the iPad in schools is unrealistic, though not every student needs to be provided with an iPad for the benefits to ring true, and iPads are certainly not limited to eBooks. In an educational environment they can be used for many things, such as informative slideshows, and presenting interactive media. 
The iPad makes it easy to record audio and video to share class discussions, and let students be creative with their class assignments with simple media editing tools, and utilize the wealth of online learning portals. True this can be done with standard computers, but the iPad offers a low screen profile to minimize distractions, and better resolution so it can be easily viewed between a group. Additionally, their portability makes them ideal for use outside of the classroom, for orienteering and scavenger hunt activities.
Many people raise the question of what makes the iPad the main contender for education, when we already have other computers and laptops, and that there are competing tablets which are cheaper. It is true that standard computers are still better for home work and doing long term work such as a research paper, but the only real reason for this is the larger you screen size you gain for when you have multiple programs open simultaneously. However, in regards to laptops and competing tablets, none provide the sheer functionality, portability, reliability, and ease of use of an iPad, which makes it much more appropriate for a class environment, and for general learning.
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