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Why Use Free Essays Online?

What’s the point of free essays online since they are public record and cannot be copied? Even if a student copies the theme or rewrites the text, it could still be counted as plagiarism. Why? Because almost every student not taking college seriously has already tried to rewrite and submit that essay on their own many times over. The worst part is that most free essays online are wrong and are online because they are wrong. If you wrote a high-scoring essay, would you post it online for free? Wouldn’t you keep it for yourself or try to get it published?

Free Essays Online May Sometimes Be Useful

One unfortunate thing about essays is that their requirements can be misinterpreted. This is why so many seemingly intelligent people have had to go back and quickly rewrite essays after their first draft because they got it all wrong.

For example, you may be assigned an essay about the workers’ revolts in 1920 (Alabama Coal Strike, Clothing Workers' Lockout, etc.) and you may write a fantastic piece about how the mechanisms that keep influential people in power have to evolve. Otherwise without that evolution, everything starts to break down. However, your professor may have wanted references that showed how skilled workers had been killed in the war, leaving younger people to take their place while adding turmoil and struggle to the war-torn economy. How do free essays online help with this type of problem? If you were the student, you could have researched other essays on this topic and seen that maybe your professor wanted something more about historical cause and effect rather than sociological or psychological cause and effect.

Steal Points and References

Getting to the heart of the matter, you can steal points and references. You take points by reading free essays, absorbing their ideas, researching the references, and then adding them into your essay.

Taking references is even better because all you have to do is look at the paragraph with the references and determine the point. Add that point into your essay and then check the reference to see if it is correct and belongs. As far as your professor is concerned, you have read through the reference or book and selected a certain idea to solidify evidence in your essay. This works well as long as you make sure that the reference is valid and actually reinforces the point you are trying to make.

You can skim-read through lots of online essays and build up a catalogue of possible references for your essay. Doing this makes it look as if you spent the whole week reading books for your essay. Just be careful not to add the exact same quotes though, since plagiarism checks may show that the online essay has them too. If the professor notices that many of the online essay’s references are on yours as well, he or she may put two and two together and you could get into serious trouble.

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