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The college essay-crucial to your academic career

At we value the trust you place in us for helping you write your college essay because we know it is one of the most important essays a student will ever have to write. Primarily because it is a critical part of the admissions process when applying to a college or university you are hoping to attend. The college essay is required of students because the college you are applying to is looking to get to know a student a bit better and they also hope to gain a clear insight as to how you present yourself and how well you can articulate on paper. These essays will typically include three questions:
  • Describe yourself
  • Explain why you want to attend our university or college and why it is a good choice for you?
  • Discuss a relevant or current issue that can showcase your creativity and intelligence

Choosing an effective college essay topic

Writing a college essay is not as easy as one might think because the success of your essay will depend on the college essay topic that you choose. This is your chance to show the admissions office who you really are while articulating your feelings, highlighting your achievements/accomplishments, and describing your future aspirations. While you are considering which college essay topic you want to write about, keep in mind that honesty is essential, writing about meaningful things is extremely effective, and above all else being 'yourself' will get you noticed. This essay provides more than just tests grades and academic achievements, the college essay topic you choose should set you apart from the rest of the other applicants, showing how exceptional you really are and what you can contribute to their school. Take a look at the following college essay topics and see if any one of these topics can be helpful in getting you started.
  • Describe a person that has influenced you
  • Describe where and how you grew up
  • Explain a situation that changes you
  • Talk about how you feel about social media
  • Describe the community service you have been involved in
  • Explain what career you want to pursue
  • Describe your future aspirations
  • Describe how technology has made your life easier or more difficult
  • What was your most rewarding experience?
  • Tell about the thing you cherish the most
  • Describe a person, place or thing that inspires you.
  • Explain what makes you unique
  • Why education is important to you
  • Describe hobbies or extra circular activities that have benefitted you
  • Describe your passion for music and playing an instrument

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