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A compare and contrast essay

Our expert writers at know a successful compare and contrast essay will show your ability to recognize, explain, and describe the differences or similarities between objects, people or places. When it comes to choosing a compare and contrast essay topic the possibilities will seem endless because anything can be compared or contrasted with something else. Considering the plethora of choices you will have, it should be relatively easy for any student to pick a great compare and contrast topic for their paper. The most challenging aspect to this particular essay will be to describe the differences or similarities of your topic with insightfulness and creativity while demonstrating a command of the English language.

Choosing a successful compare and contrast essay topic

Since the choice of topic will be up to you, the writer, you will want to carefully consider all your options for your compare and contrast essay topic. Typically, whatever topic you choose will include two different places, people, things, or even two situations that are different in nature or at the very least different to each other. For instance, you can use the topic of animals and choose dogs and cats to compare and contrast which one makes the better house pet. You will then have to explain the differences of both of these things using comparative language such as however, on the one hand, on the other side of the coin, in opposition to, as opposed to, similarly, while, and likewise.

Choosing your compare and contrast essay topic can also become a bit overwhelming because there are so many topics to choose from. When choosing your topic keep in mind that your goal is to write about something that is interesting and engages your reader. Try to write about something that hasn't been done before. Bringing uniqueness and creativity to your compare and contrast essay will not only make it an effective essay, but a successful one as well. Take a look at some of the compare and contrast essay topic ideas below to help get you started.

  • Modern Art and Renaissance Art
  • Computers and typewriters
  • Snowstorms and blizzards
  • Charter school and public school
  • The Hunger Games book and the movie
  • Reading poetry and writing poetry
  • The US west coast and the US east coast
  • Rap music and rock and roll
  • Owning a store and being a customer
  • The North and South Poles
  • Television advertising and Print Advertising
  • Warm weather vacations and cold weather vacations
  • Jungle animals and dessert animals
  • Pell grants and financial aid
  • Being in prison and being in jail
  • Two fast food restaurants
  • Online classes and traditional classes
  • Apple and Microsoft

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