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Compare and contrast essays

1. Describe the differences between General Elections in the UK and USA

2. How was the London 2012 Olympics better than Beijing 2008

3. What's the difference between a republic and a monarchist state

4. What are the advantages of a hybrid car over a standard car?

5. If you had to choose, you'd rather be a soldier in the Second World War rather than WW1. Discuss.

6. Lady Ga Ga v Madonna

7. Lego v Meccano – which is more creative?

8. Online v traditional advertising

9. Net tops v laptops v tablets

10. Jane Austen v Charlotte Bronte

11. Income Tax in the UK compared to Income Tax in the USA. What are the main differences?

12. American Football v Rugby

13. Home schooling v attending school: The pros and cons of each.

14. Compare the Harry Potter story with Lord of the Rings.

15. Pipe smoking vs. Cigarette smoking

16. What is the difference between thermo

17. Proust v Sartre

18. Online degree courses v attending classes

19. Norway vs New Zealand

20. One parent families vs same sex parents

21. David Cameron v Barack Obama

22. How do dolphins differ from porpoises

23. What the difference between a black hole and a worm hole?

24. Exothermic reactions v endothermic reactions

25. Manual vs electric toothbrushes

26. Compare avalanches to floods

27. The Sound of Music vs The Diary of Anne Frank

28. Campaign Speeches vs Church sermons

29. 1970s music v 1980s music

30. It is better to be too hot than too cold.

31. Describe the actions of the body when sneezing compared to coughing

32. Compare and contrast Miss Saigon with The King and I

33. Describe the differences in the roles of a waitress and a flight attendant

34. Glamping v Camping

35. Hiking and Trekking are interchangeable terms: True or false?

36. Being rich is better than being famous

37. Compare your 18th Birthday to your 21st Birthday

38. What are the main differences in making an apple pie compared to making a pineapple upside down cake?

39. What are the attributes of adrenalin junkies compared to those of couch potatoes?

40. Compare the influence of parents to the influence of celebrities

41. Contact lenses v glasses

42. Autobiography v Biography

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