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Descriptive Essay Topics that show rather than tell

A descriptive essay should always involve the reader for it to be an effective and successful paper. At our skilled writers understand that a descriptive essay is not created by using facts, figures, or information, but rather by using the reader's senses of smell, taste, touch, hear, and sight while using vivid language to describe the topic you are writing about. Even if you do have the confidence in your writing skills to create a descriptive essay, one of the more challenging tasks will be to come up with an interesting descriptive essay topic which will need to engage your reader from beginning to end. Understandably, many students find it difficult to narrow down a descriptive essay topic they feel comfortable writing about. But no worries ... our essay writers can help you with every descriptive essay writing task, because they are experts when it comes to creating essays that will captivate your audience and get you the results you are looking for.

Choosing your topic

The first thing you will need to consider in writing your descriptive essay is the topic you are going to focus your paper on. How well you describe this topic will depend on the success or failure of your essay. However, there are a few helpful tips to make the process of choosing your topic a bit easier. Try to keep in mind these tips while choosing your topic:
  • What you want to describe- this can be a place, an object, a memory, a situation, or an experience.
  • Who you want to describe ? this can be a person close to you, a grandparent can be a good choice because your emotional investment to that person will make it easier to write about, you can choose any person to write your descriptive essay about.
  • Consider your reason for writing your descriptive essay on this person, thing, or event-why are you writing about this particular topic and what do you want to accomplish by describing them?

Descriptive essay topics

Try to choose a descriptive essay topic that you are passionate about, it will help the writing process go more smoothly because passion usually produces great writing. You should also be familiar with your topic to write about it in detail. To help you get started, the following are some descriptive essays topics to choose from or give ideas you might like to write about:
  • A treasure keepsake
  • A favorite vacation
  • A memorable Birthday
  • A special relative
  • A pet
  • An Art Museum
  • A plane, train, bus or car ride
  • An inspirational place or thing
  • A childhood memory
  • A concert or a play you attended
  • Your favorite food
  • Your perfect day
  • A special person in your life
  • Driving a car for the first time
  • A disease and how it affects the people who have it.

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