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Writing a convincing persuasive essay

If you are the type of student who is determined to convince others you are right or enjoys persuading someone to see your point of view, then writing a persuasive essay will be 'right up your alley'. However, before you put your 'pen to the paper' you will need to consider a few things first. Writing a successful persuasive essay, even if you possess the literary gift of persuasion, can sometimes be a difficult task. In order for your essay to be truly effective you will have to start with an exceptionally good topic, which not only interests your readers but can also convince them to 'come around to' your way of thinking. You will need to establish the facts about your topic and clarify your reason for argument. Then you will need to present those facts in their order of importance while building up to your argument with logical and reasonable evidence. Undeniably, anyone could benefit from enlisting the help of a professional writer to create a persuasive essay that is brilliant and at we have just the expert essay writer for you!

Choosing a good persuasive essay topic

At our educated and skilled writers understand that your choice of a really good persuasive essay topic will be the foundation of any well-written persuasive essay. For many students this can be an overwhelming task because they realize when they start to 'brainstorm' for their paper there is an abundance of good persuasive essay topics to choose from. Some of the very best ideas come from topics that will naturally cause a difference of opinion. Relevant and current issues in our society, government, schools, and communities are all good places to start looking for good persuasive essay topics to write about. Start with considering writing about a topic you are passionate about or have first- hand experience with; if you fail to find something that inspires you- check online or in the news for topics that you can argue. No matter what type of topic you choose to write about just make certain you can back it up with concrete evidence that will convince your reader to consider your point of view. If you can accomplish that you will not only have a successful essay to turn in, but one that effects and leaves a lasting impression on your audience as well. The following are suggestions for some really good persuasive essay topics to write about. If you don't find one on the list, at the very least, you might just find one that will inspire you to come up with your own:

  • Should the government impose tougher gun laws?
  • Should illegal immigrants living in this country be allowed to vote?
  • Is racial profiling lawful?
  • Do women have the same rights as men?
  • Wearing motorcycle helmets should be mandatory
  • Relationships of grown children of divorced parents
  • Should music with curse words be banned?
  • Should sex offenders be castrated as a punishment?
  • Celebrities are paid too much money
  • Should teachers have a dress code if students do?
  • Should the Government pay for its citizen's healthcare?
  • Should the media have limitations on free speech?
  • Do religious beliefs cause wars?
  • Is the lottery a good or bad thing?
  • Should bullies be expelled?
  • Should Manners be taught in school?
  • Does rap music contribute to violence?
  • Should teachers be held accountable for poor student grades?
  • Is there a cure for cancer?
  • Should school be in session on Saturdays?
  • Are children of same-sex parents different from children with traditional parents?

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