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An Essay's Introduction is Key to Your Paper's Success

The first and most important step to writing a successful essay is the introduction. An essay's introduction sets the tone for your entire paper. It is where you either captivate your audience by encouraging them to read on or lose them entirely. The importance of creating this critical part of your essay lies in the manner in which you state your paper's intent and introduce the reader to the problem you are writing about. As with anything else, first impressions are important and the introduction to an essay is no different. You will want your words to resonate with your reader and leave a lasting impression. However, this is not an easy task for even the most skilled writers.

Writing an Essays' Introduction

To get your paper off to a good start, you need to consider writing an outline for your paper. You need to think of the most important elements to include in your opening paragraph because this is where your reader first becomes familiar with your thesis statement. A thesis statement is the rationale for writing your essay and should be clear, concise, and informative enough to pique your reader's interest. The focus of your paper must be included while writing an introduction to an essay and should hone your message via humor, quote, anecdote, or a surprising fact. You should also try to keep your essay's introduction short and to the point. If your explanation becomes too "long winded," you are sure to lose your reader from the beginning. Therefore, it should either briefly state the problem you are going to discuss or clearly state a question you are going to answer in the body of your text. Your introduction should also end with a final statement that naturally leads right into your next paragraph where you get into more detail.

Get Professional Help Writing an Introduction to an Essay

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