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Narrative topics

1. What I would do if I won the lottery

2. My idea of the perfect date

3. If I were Prime Minister for a day

4. If I could build the perfect house

5. My feelings towards tennis

6. The feeling of applying to university

7. GCSE/A Level results day feelings

8. The reason that I love Harry Potter

9. The day I never got out of bed

10. Where I see myself in ten years’ time

11. One discovery you hope happens in your lifetime

12. The most embarrassing moment in your life

13. The qualities which annoy you most in a person

14. Your family’s Christmas traditions

15. Your worst experience on an aeroplane

16. Where you would go if you were a bird

17. The spookiest thing that has happened to you

18. My favourite memory with my grandparents

19. The things that I hope to be remembered for

20. Why I would rather live in the city than countryside

21. Why I value wisdom over money

22. My ideal sidekick to go on an adventure with

23. The most annoying thing about the Internet

24. How I decided on the places I would visit during my round the world trip

25. A scary story

26. Your worst nightmare

27. What you would do with a time machine

28. Your feelings towards the British monarchy

29. The time you felt most alone in the world

30. If you had the chance to re-live your life, what would you change?

31. Why you chose to study your degree

32. Why you think the youth of today are worse-off than 20 years ago

33. The reason you are proud of your parents

34. I laughed so much I cried

35. 5 Things I would consider giving up for Lent

36. The decade I most wished I could have lived in

37. The thing I wish someone would invent

38. In Victorian times life was hard because …

39. Who would have thought it … my parents were right

40. Why I gave up reading newspapers

41. Why I think Margaret Thatcher was the best ever Prime Minister

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