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Writing a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay simply put, is the telling of a story-often with a lesson. Our expert writers at know this type of essay paper allows the writer to use their creativity in capturing the reader's attention by the use of compelling and descriptive words to tell a story about a personal experience, a historical event, or something that is fictional in nature. A narrative essay topic can be written in dialogue or script forms, as well as fiction. When considering your topic, as the writer, you will want to consider what style and form you want your narrative to follow. The great thing about writing a narrative essay is the creative freedom the writer is allowed and our talented essay writers' just love being creative! In focusing on your ability to reflect on and recreate an experience for your reader you have created a successful and effective narrative essay you can be proud of!

Narrative essay topics-Your choice

For many students, coming up with a narrative essay topic will be a relatively easy task, especially because this type of essay won't require any research to write. Narrative essay topics which work best are from the writers own personal experiences, memories, or situation they have been involved in. As the writer you will have the choice to create your essay based on a negative experience or a positive one. Just keep in mind, no matter what Narrative essay topic you choose, you will want to bring your story to life so that it engages your reader from beginning to end and leaves them with a lasting impression. A good tip to remember is the very essence of a successful and effective narrative essay is the writer's ability to tell a reflective and compelling story with the use of vivid and exciting language. The following Narrative essay topics will help you start thinking about which topic you want to choose for your own narrative essay:
  • A great vacation
  • An unforgettable date
  • A childhood memory
  • Your first job interview
  • Your first day at college
  • Your first broken heart/falling in love
  • An event that made you cry or laugh
  • A parent's illness/death
  • An embarrassing situation
  • A time when you got lost
  • A favorite childhood toy
  • A favorite movie or song
  • An animal encounter
  • Something you hate to do
  • A terrifying experience
  • A failure or success in your life
  • My favorite invention
  • A discovery I made
  • A horrible job
  • Act of heroism or cowardice
  • Your greatest accomplishment
  • The best birthday ever
  • A dangerous situation
  • A life altering experience
  • My favorite pet

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