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Persuasive Topics

1. Global warming is insignificant to the current generation

2. There should be tighter control over Internet content

3. Manners and social etiquette should be part of the school curriculum

4. Religion is the cause of most modern wars

5. Explicit rap teaches children swear words

6. The Government would be right to limit the freedom of the press

7. The Shard has spoilt the London skyline

8. Celebrity is the new religion

9. The legacy of the 2012 London Olympics

10. The career glass ceiling is never fully addressed

11. Academies are better at providing schooling

12. People who are caught multiple times using their phone while driving should be banned

13. The UK should have a referendum on European Union membership

14. Animals cause more pollution than humans

15. Public speakers can learn a lot from Hitler’s speeches

16. Technology and the future of teaching

17. The United Nations lack the real power to stop wars

18. People should not live in earthquake zones

19. Money motivates creativity

20. The UK education system encourages mediocrity

21. The best exercise is not found at the gym

22. We are not alone in the universe

23. Poorer people make better Members of Parliament

24. Reasons why Harry Potter is better than Lord of the Rings

25. Substance addiction will remain a feature of society a long way into the future

26. Modern television rots the brain

27. There is no real harm for kids to spend all day at their computer

28. Sir Norman Foster is the greatest ever architect

29. Expulsion is a just penalty for school bullies

30. The UK’s flood defences are ineffective

31. The art of letter writing has been lost

32. University students should do one compulsory period of physical education a week

33. The Stockpiled Ivory Question: The animals are dead so sales of stockpiled ivory would benefit the poor countries that have to store it and guard it.

34. The case for Britain to join the single currency

35. Leonardo Da Vinci was the greatest man who ever lived

36. Speed cameras are not as effective as people imagine

37. The Falkland Islands are British

38. James Bond is the greatest ever movie character

39. Education is better than abolition

40. Everyone would benefit from learning a second language

41. Graffiti is true modern art

42. The pay celebrities receive is not commensurate with the benefit they bring to the world

43. Child marriage is deplorable and against civil rights

44. Homelessness is not a modern disease

45. Being a good parent is the hardest job on earth

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