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Our skilled essay writers understand that a persuasive essay is a paper where the writer will have to make a case for persuading the reader to be in agreement with what you are writing about. To be effective it will have to be comprised of evidence to support your argument, and must include other people's viewpoints, as well as any possible counterarguments. In composing your persuasive essay you will need structure your paper so that every paragraph you write will have the presence of evidence relating to the thesis statement of your topic. As the writer of this essay you will need to tap into your powers of persuasion to make this essay a successful one and a great deal of your success will depend on the persuasive essay topic you chose.

Choosing your persuasive essay topic

Persuasive essay topics differ from argumentative or controversial essay topics in that they are not as contentious but they are still debatable and can certainly cause a difference of opinion. Many students actually enjoy writing this type of essay because they enable them to argue their own viewpoint about a topic, often something they are passionate about. You will want to pick a persuasive essay topic that convinces your audience you have a valid and plausible argument for or against the topic you are writing on. The main thing you will need to consider after choosing your topic is from what perspective you want to write your paper, because even if you agree with something that doesn't actually mean you have to argue for it while penning your essay, but our skilled essay writers can help you with that! Take a look at some the ideas below they just might help you choose the persuasive essay topic you want to write about:
  • Do we live in a disposable society?
  • Country living is better then city living
  • City living is better than country living
  • Society is too dependent on technology?
  • Elementary children have too much homework
  • Should the government have regulated school cafeteria food?
  • Should human cloning be allowed?
  • Women's rights
  • Animal rights
  • Are SAT's true indicators of academic achievement?
  • Should all states ban cell phone use while driving?
  • Citizens should be required to vote
  • Friendship is necessary for a lasting marriage
  • Women should have children after their 30's
  • White collar workers should have lower health insurance premiums
  • Blue collar workers should have lower health insurance premiums
  • Should all dorm facilities be coed?
  • Should dress codes be mandatory in schools?
  • Should every student in school be required to participate in community service to graduate?
  • Should students be expelled for turning in plagiarized work?

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