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Proposal Essay topics

1. The most important causes of global warming

2. Ways to prevent Social Media Bullying

3. How to tackle homelessness

4. The issues of cyber crime and how to prevent it

5. How Teachers can be held more accountable for exam results

6. Christianity will never regain the significance it once had

7. Ways to tackle the glass ceiling for women in business

8. Alternatives to the first past the post voting system

9. Ways to improve the educational value of children�s TV

10. The impact on the UK should it leave the European Union

11. How to reduce air pollution

12. Ways to educate parents to tackle childhood obesity

13. Options for US gun control

14. With the increase in the UK�s rainfall, more ways to prevent flooding are required

15. Ways to maximize gym workouts

16. Methods of predicting hurricanes

17. There should be more public art installations

18. Ways to tackle mediocrity in UK schools

19. The true effects of the Atkins Diet

20. The special relationship with the USA weakens the UK�s global position

21. How to encourage sport in the community

22. The ideal mix and ratio of party representation for effective economic government

23. Celebrities created by TV reality shows have no longevity

24. Harry Potter is better than The Lord of the Rings

25. Ways to make it harder for people to get hold of addictive drugs

26. Reality TV has cheapened the educational value of entertainment television

27. The impact on the pound if Britain exited the European Union

28. A reduction in the national speed limits would conserve fuel and save lives

29. The case for selling existing stockpiled ivory

30. Inside the mind of a business tycoon: The life and times of Alan Sugar

31. Ways for schools to introduce more physical activity into the curriculum

32. Blue did not suit Picasso

33. Manufacturers could do more to reduce packaging

34. Should marijuana be legalised for medicinal purposes

35. Same sex classes generates better exam results

36. Fines for not recycling would generate income for loc al councils

37. Teachers should be re-certificated every ten years

38. 5 �a-day is insufficient to tackle the health issues of this country

39. Drug testing should begin at school sports level

40. Limiting immigration will improve the economy

41. Is the number of job vacancies is decreasing faster than the rate of unemployment

42. The entertainment industry presents itself with too many awards

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