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Effective proposal essays

It is just a simple fact that students will have to write a number of essay assignments throughout their academic careers. One of those papers will undoubtedly be a proposal essay. For this particular essay you will need to take some time before choosing a proposal essay topic to write about because the purpose of this type of essay will be to call or convince your audience to take some sort of action or approve a plan you are purposing-not any easy task even if you are a great writer. Understandably, to write a proposal essay successfully, you will need to have extensive knowledge about the topic you are writing as well as having passionate and a strong belief on what you are writing about. Basically, your paper will consist of an argument, a plan of action or solution, as well as evidence relevant to any counterarguments. So with all these elements in mind, one of the most important aspects to writing this type of academic paper will be choosing your proposal essay topic. Let our expert writers at research and write about your topic so you can address the problem, convince your audience of its relevance, along with the need for change, and propose a solution that your audience will support.

Choosing the right proposal essay topic for you

So, if you are a student who is required to write a proposal essay how do you choose the best topic for your paper? The most productive way to go about choosing a proposal essay topic is to draw from your own experiences and what you feel passionate about. While 'brainstorming' about some possible topics, our talented writers will help you narrow them down according to your confidence in your ability to convince your audience to take action, approve your plan, or agree with your solution to a particular problem. We will help you make certain it is a topic that the general population will believe is an issue. Our expert essay writers will also make sure the essential elements of being able to convince your audience with both examples and evidence that supports your argument are present in your paper. The following proposal essay topics will help you get started:
  • Should the driving age be 18 instead of 16?
  • Should prayer be allowed in schools?
  • Should teachers be paid as much as athletes?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Should parenting classes be required for all new parents?
  • Should recycling be mandatory?
  • A proposal to improve safety conditions in a particular workplace
  • A proposal to help homeless families
  • A proposal on how to reduce child obesity
  • A proposal to ban smoking in public places
  • Should breastfeeding be banned in public?
  • Should welfare be given with a time limit?
  • A proposal for recycling in all schools
  • Eliminating unhealthy foods from school cafeterias

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